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Okay you guys, so here's the deal. I'm doing A LOT of work on this thing.... moving all the pictures and such, making brand new sections... et cetera. so a lot of links and pictures aren't working, and the colors on't look right, but i've FINALLY opened up the site... i'm pretty sure you can see most of the pictures already, but just in case, this is a warning of sorts. Welcome to version Dom Love!

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I adopted:

From Weapon of Choice
Sam's Skillet!

From Another Adoption Page
Aragorn Arwen and Aragorn Bill Boromir teaching Merry and Pippin Frodo and Sam Legolas Merry and Pippin setting off fireworks Sam Elrond Gimli and Legolas The Dark Lord Sauron Elijah Wood Billy Boyd Dominic Monaghan Sean Astin Viggo Mortensen Captain Jack Sparrow Will Turner Jack Sparrow and Will Turner Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner Ragetti Will and Jack Luke Skywalker Obi-wan Kenobi Han Solo The Narcooleptic Argentinean Christian Satine Toulouse